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The quest to unravel the mysterious veil of retrogression enveloping the society is one fraught with challenges. Challenges of a nature too cumbersome and frightening to think about talk more of experiencing. Challenges whose stronghold on society threatens the base of society itself and clouds the expectations of ordinary persons crying daily for help to be salvaged from the clutches and excruciating grips of poverty.

Often times the responsibilities of giving answers to public outcries for help falls on leaders on whose shoulders hangs the responsibilities of gleaning the tears from the face of the public with compassion and positive radicalism. Leaders who understand that their powers flow from the unstaggering partnership between ordinary members of the society and the authorities they represent.Leaders who display humility, honesty, candor, sociality, creativity, objectivity and managerial excellence without dissipating the potency of the force which flows from their authority. A force that ensures that society is kept safe from the preying claws of anti-social elements and champions of societal grief.

Indeed very few individuals fall into this exclusive league of true leaders but undoubtedly, HON. CHIMBIKO ICHE AKAROLO, a man with an unrepentant zeal and appetite for empowerment and positive developments (especially those that have direct bearing on the down-trodden), falls into this privileged category.

Born to the family of late Eze Iche Akarolo of Oro-Agholu, in Oro- Olozu Royal family, Port-Harcourt City local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria, Hon. Chimbiko Iche Akarolo attended the prestigious port-Harcourt International Primary School where he obtained his elementary School leaving Testimonial. He thereafter proceeded to the Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri, Port-Harcourt under which academic roofhe acquired the virtues of discipline, honesty and amity. He is a graduate of Regional Planning from the University of Calabar and holds a master’s Degree (M Phil) in Environmental Management from the great Rivers State University of Science and technology (2009), the premiere University of science and technology in Nigeria. His detest for ignorance and his inordinate appetite forscholarship is behind his present pursuit for a PHD in Environmental Management from the University of Port-Harcourt, a great citadel of intellectualism renowned for producing leaders whose footprints have remained indelible on the sands of time.

As a champion of social responsibility and relation,Hon. Chimbiko Iche Akarolois blessed with several siblings and relations. He is happily married to Mrs. Nne Chim- Akarorlo and the marriage is blessed with five (5) children. Having a renowned and disciplined scholar as a father, he benefitted from the inculcation of sound moral and affluent social values of a magnitude that has shaped his penchant for positivity.

Just like a sparkling diamond, his leadership potentials are not obscured by his humility and sociality, as he has served the public in varying capacities. In 1997 during his participation in the compulsory National Youth service Corp (NYSC) he emerged as the Coppers Liaison Officer for Ado-Ekiti being his place of primary Assignment against the popular nepotic national practice of endorsing natives for that position. He also served as the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Port-Harcourt City Local Government Area of Rivers State, a position which he lucratively explored to entrench unity in the party and ensure that he harvested the fruits of victory in both the 2003 and 2007 general elections. He came into high political light in 2007 when he was found worthy of appointment as the caretaker chairman of Port-Harcourt City Local Government Area of Rivers State by his mentor and political father Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the executive Governor of Rivers State, a position he robustly employed as a tool to chase the marauding monster of unemployment from many homes in Port-Harcourt through his several empowerment packages and incentives. He currently serves as the mayor of Port-Harcourt a position achieved through the rallying support of the public at the May 21st Local Government Elections held in Rivers State and through the fatherly ordination and support of His excellency, the executive Governor of Rivers state, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

Armed with a disarming smile, the pulchritude of his looks and a thunderous intellectual ability, Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo is very committed to the ideals of good governance as pioneered by his mentor and political father Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who within so short a time, had transformed Rivers state to reference point for good governance. As a non-political neophyte, he hobnobs with the philosophy of striving to achieve the best in any endeavor of a positive nature with humility, loyalty and dignity.An astute political industrialist with sincerity soaked in honesty, creativity and realism he is loved and cherished by all lovers of good, peace and progress.

As a full blooded Ikwerre citizen with a transparent understanding of the traditional sentiments of his people Hon. Chimbiko Akarolo is an emperor of social-cultural anthropology and is reputed for his recognition of those cultural sentiments which are not out of tune with the realities of modern life. He is a pioneer member of the Ikwerre Youth Movement (IYM) a social cultural organizationwhere he currently serves as national treasurer and on the platform of which he encourages all true Ikwerre sons and daughters to subject themselves to brotherly comradeship and understanding.

As the current mayor of Port-Harcourt city thrust with the responsibility of piloting the craft of the local government, he pledges to follow the footsteps of his mentor, His excellency, the executive  governor of Rivers State in whose political family, he has pitched his tent and commit himself to the virtues of good-governance, equity and accountability. He believes that by the grace of the Almighty God and the support of all stakeholders, we can jointly achieve the Port-Harcourt of our dream where we all can livework and play in love, unity and safety to the relish and vitality of our souls and bodies.






Head of Local Government: BARR. FRANKLIN AJINWO


Head Personnel Management: MR. NNAMDI AZUOGU

Director of Works: Mrs Joy Nweke

Director of Procurement: Mrs Emillia Jaja

Director of Budget and Planning: HIGH CHIEF KROHAM JOEL

Director of Social, Edu, info and Youth Dev. : Barr. Ramsome R. West


Director of Agriculture: Adolphus Standfast Jack



Moscow Road Port-Harcourt

Tel  - +234(0)8033105040


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